I Kid You Not…


Person 1: *Insert good or bad news here*

Person 2: Are you kidding?!

Now I was not specific with what news person 1 might be sharing, but there is an abundant amount of possibilities. I told you all in my About Me that my father passed away on January 20th. I found out yesterday that my lawyer for my father’s estate stuff (for lack of better word to describe the complicated mess of said estate), also passed away. I told six people about that and each person said, “Are you kidding?” Well, I kid you not. Even when I told people of my father’s passing that was the same question/response that I got.

I wonder why the response is to ask a question:

“Are you kidding?”

“Are you serious?”

“Are you joking?”

or my mom’s favorite “Nu-uh!? *pause* Really?”

It is similar to how we have conditioned ourselves to say “I’m sorry” for everything. I don’t know about you, but have you ever ran into or hit an inanimate object, and apologize to that object? I know I have, but out of habit. My point is, when did we condition ourselves to ask, “Are you kidding?” In light of news that is bad or good? Instead of saying, “Well that sucks,” or “Wow that is great news!”

During a conversation, I understand the initial shock. I understand how hard it can be to put a sentence together to respond to what you have just heard and there is no right or wrong way to handle big news. I, as an observer, am just always interested in learning how so many people react in these kind of situations and I just wonder why we react the way we do.

However, in light of the question, as a sarcastic person, I have learned to love that question. There is a window of opportunity for a beautifully crafted sarcastic answer and with that I enjoy (for the most part).


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