Be a Responsible Pet Owner

Okay, I must rant for a tad moment. I was out of town with Ryan yesterday, and got a phone call that did put me in quite a rage and today has had me in a bit of a trance for lack of a better word.

I am sitting in this retro ice cream shop and my mom calls to tell me that one of our dogs (of 3), had been attacked by another dog at the park. Our German Shepherd – the dog attached – is well trained. He knows his commands and more: sit, down, stay, heel, speak, whisper, shake, no, and so on.  So here is the story:

The owner of the Pitbull mix (the attacker) was walking his dog around the park and had his dog on leash. He was across the park, but for some unknown reason he let his dog off of a leash and the dog came barreling through the park, grabbed our dog by the neck, and latched on. Now WHAT IF that had been a child? Or even a smaller breed? What if that had been my mom or step-dad? My mom was with a friends who has young kids, what if they would have been attacked?

Anyways, our dog is pinned down and the other dog is latched on. Finally they managed to get this dog off of our dog and the owner of the attacker starts punching his dog, leashes him, and walks off. Reasonably so, my mom’s friends husband follows this guy trying to get his contact information and to see if his dog is up to date on his shots. By then my step-dad has checked our dog and walked over there to get his information as well. By this time the local police department has been called SIX times and the animal control THREE times. Well my mom is checking on our dog who has a huge laceration under his throat while my step-dad is trying to talk to the other owner. The other owner proceeds to threaten my step-dad. He then pushes my steps dad, takes his phone, and breaks his phone holster. By this time our police department has been called EIGHT times and finally decides to make an appearance. After that is settled, they drop my step-dad and our friend back over to my mom and drive away refusing to file a police report. By this time two women have come forward who saw the whole thing and say they will be witnesses, which apparently was going to be needed (the other owner told the police both dogs were off leash, but we have leash laws, and our dog was on leash). These women waited an hour and a half for police to be the witnesses and the police just drove away. After a fourth call animal control shows up.

Needless to say, in the end, our dog had to be sedated, have a catheter, have IV’s and my family had been at the vet for four hours. Several stitches later, and a very dopey dog, our dog is fine. Sore, cut up, swelling, but fine. The vet bill was $500 dollars and the other guy gets a $130 dollar ticket; trust me though, I do not think that this is justice. We have been in contact with the police department to file assault charges and so on (though they were not helpful the first time around).

I share this story to say this: if you are going to get a dog, or ANY animal, be a responsible pet owner. Know your leash laws, keep your dog leashed, especially if you are in a park filled with other dogs and kids, and take responsibility for your pets actions. Be responsible.


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