The Last Two Weeks

I have been silent for the past two weeks. That was not my plan, really, I have a lot of posts written/in my head, but there are only so many hours in the day. If I did not sleep then that would help, but I do (sometimes). However the weeks have been crazy. Here is what my two weeks looked like:


Last week: 3-14-16 to 3-19-16

Last week I made 214 cookies, 54 of which were decorated sugar cookies, and baked and decorated two cakes. Saturday the 19th, my mom was hosting a HUGE dog-Easter egg hunt for her dog rescue. The event was 5 hours long with various activities during each hour or 30 minute interval. This is why I baked so many cookies last week and those cakes, not to mention 8 hour work days Monday-Friday, cooking dinner, taking care of animals, and what not. Needless to say I had a hectic, busy, crazy week last week! But my cakes were the first to go at the cake walk, so huzzah!

This week: 3-21-16 to 3-26-15. 

I had a person who wanted 30 decorated sugar cookies for her son’s school event Thursday, so I baked and decorated another 30 cookies this week. Along with the weekly 40 hour work week (really I think we should have Good Friday off), animals, cooking dinner, and so on. However, it is EASTER WEEKEND! And as a Christian, this is one of the most meaningful holidays to me. It is a good time for friends, family, reflection, thanksgiving, and to just simply enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

But this week I have for homework: 5 chapters to read out of my book, 5 lectures to listen to, 1 exam, 1 paper to write, and 1 discussion board to do with 2 replies. I will fit that in somewhere on my list of things to do! Not to mention, NaNoWriMo is right around the corner and I still have not decided what I am going to write about but I have narrowed it down to….. *drum roll please*……………… either my Novel “Scanned” or a compilation of short-stories based around one theme. Do I know the theme? Yes. Do I know what my novel would be about if I went that route? Yes. Have I picked which one yet? Definitely not. I will though, I only have 1 week left to decide!

Some weeks are definitely busier than others, and I can honestly say I don’t think I am going to be baking cookies for a little bit because I am cookied-out. But be on the lookout for some new posts! And be on the lookout for the story that I decide to pick for NaNoWriMo!


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