The Great Cucumber Battle: Lightsaber Edition

***This is a true story***

***DO try this at your local grocery story***

***No cucumbers were harmed in the making of this story***

So my brother and I do the weekly grocery shopping for my family and we go to the store on Friday night because they are not as busy. Now the store is always a fun trip, he may be 23 and I may be 20 (okay I will be 20 in 1 month but close enough), but let me tell you right now, we do not act our age at the store. We have epic song battles, concerts, competitions, and each isle brings new fun! Well here is an interesting story from our trip yesterday..

So as we were walking through the produce isle, and as my brother was on his phone as I grabbed various items, this kid (probably about 7-8 years old), walks by me holding a cucumber and says, “Zzinngg,” and this is what happens after:

I looked at my brother and said, “I think we just got shot by a cucumber.” He gives me that look (the are you crazy, what are you talking about look) and proceeds to say, “What?” Well by this time we have made it across from this kids family on the other side of the produce isle we were in. I look at my brother, motion my hand toward the kid (okay I pointed, dare I say, but I did), and I told him, “That kid just shot us with a cucumber.” However, each time I told him that I was laughing so it took me a little bit to get the words out.

Before my brother could respond, the kids mother looks to be and tells me, “Oh, he wasn’t shooting you. It is a lightsaber so he was probably stabbing you.” We are all getting a really good laugh out of this. Well, it just so happened that the spot separating us was holding the tomatoes and cucumbers, and there were only TWO cucumbers left. I grabbed a cucumber, looked to my brother who immediately knew what I was about to do, so he grabs a cucumber and we had a mini lightsaber-cucumber showdown in the produce section. The mom of the kid was with her mom, and she had rejoined them at this point. I wish I could describe in words the look she was giving us but it looked something like this:what-the-heck-post

The mom of the son then proceeds to tell her mom that her son was using a cucumber as a lightsaber, so we (naturally), did the same thing. The mom just nodded and said, “Okay,” but she still had that look on her face. Trust me though, it was pretty funny!

Well, needless to say we said our goodbyes to each other, we put the cucumbers back where they belonged, and we sang some more songs, and went on our way.

All in all, I would say it was a fun and successful trip. How many times does one get to go the store and have an epic ,fight-to-the-death, cucumber lightsaber showdown in the produce section?


These images are not my own, I did not take the pictures or create them.


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