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This is the moment you have all been waiting for. I have teased for a little over two weeks about NaNoWriMo, which starts TOMORROW! I am excited to share my decision with you all on what I have decided to write about, why, and what you can look forward to!

I am both excited and nervous about NaNoWriMo. I was super involved in my writing but took a break which turned into a two year break, so this is my way to jump back into writing. I have been writing book ideas down and coming up with them, but not taking action and I am tired of dreaming but not doing. I do not expect perfection while doing this, I do not expect the most detailed, beautifully constructed sentences, but I am hoping it is like riding a bike. Maybe a little rusty after a break, but then you get the groove of it again.. right?

Well I guess I have delayed long enough. I have decided to go with *drum roll please* my short story compilation. Wait one moment and I will give you more details!

The reason for this, after carefully planning what each of my ideas could potentially look like (and be), is because my novel idea Scanned requires a great degree of scientific research and a very, VERY, detailed outline. I want to get that right when I go to write it and the research and planning alone is going to take a great deal of time. I want that to be the best it can be when I go to write it so I will save that for some other time.

Now, back to what I am writing. I told you all that I was going to do my short stories based around a theme or an idea. The title, well working title because I have not fully decided this is what I will do and it could change as I actually write the stories, is The Stories You Never Heard but I have a couple of other titles. I will see what fits best as I write, I usually come up with my title last, or mid-writing but NaNo wanted a title. So, what are my short stories going to be about? Well, I am going to take anything from fiction to non-fiction and completely change the story.

Fiction wise, you could see any story that is currently part of the fiction category and being completely turned around in ways that you never thought. My first short story in this little collection here is a very interesting turn around on Snow White, and will be my only fairy tale that is included. But you all get the idea of what is going on.

Nonfiction wise, I am going to take stories that you have seen on the news, or haven’t seen, or historical events, and really anything that is classified as nonfiction, and turn around what you read or what the books/media tells us. It will become fiction, by technicality, and I am super excited to share these stories with you. This could mean that I take the story on a journey that is done from a first person point of view as they are experiencing what is happening. The kicker here is that what they are experiencing REALLY happened, because the story is based on a true event.

My writing tends to be a bit dark, and with the theme I have going on, especially with the nonfiction changes, you will see a lot of sadness and sorrow throughout each story and each characters life.

Well, the party starts tomorrow, and I am excited to share this journey. I do still have about 2 more stories that I need to include in the mix here, so if you – my small group of readers – would like to suggest anything, and I do mean ANYTHING, then go for it. It can be something old, something new, or something in between.



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