To a New Age

Well, I am officially 20 years old.. yikes! I am actually still really young, hopefully with a lot of years to live and a lot of adventures to take. My birthday was Friday, and what a great day and weekend.

I love birthdays – not just mine – but all birthdays. Birthdays are like a new year to me, this birthday however was very significant. This was the first birthday without my dad to be here to wish me a happy birthday and to celebrate – but he would have wanted me to be happy and have a good time so I did. Each birthday I sit down and make a list of what I want to accomplish in my year until my next birthday. Kind of like a new years resolution – but new years resolutions (for me) are about goals where I can strengthen my relationship with God, how I can help others, how I can improve as a person to be kinder and more compassionate, and so on. My birthday resolutions are about actual goal setting: what will I accomplish at work, at school, with filming/writing/reading (even blogging), how do I want to grow in what I am doing, and so on.

Birthdays also remind me of how blessed and loved I am. I think I have forgotten about so much of that this year because I have been so busy and distracted with everything life is throwing my way. The birthday wishes and messages and time spent with my loved ones is what made the weekend so great. I have been extremely thankful for this past weekend because it was a good reminder that my life is so full of people who love me and I can thank God for giving me another birthday to celebrate, another year to live, another year to be.

I am excited to see what 20 brings – I have much to learn, much to do, and much more to live.

Until next time,




2 thoughts on “To a New Age

  1. I predict, new friends, better year, filled with success, big time prosperity, Happy Belated Birthday
    Cheers! To new friendship! – Cezane


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