Time, Time, and More Time

I feel like I need more time in the day, don’t we all though? Currently I have my college classes and classwork, a newish workout schedule, 40 hour work weeks, weekly grocery store trips, cooking, baking, fun activities, and maybe socializing somewhere in there. I wonder where I fit in the time to read and write (and make blog posts). I’d like to say life is settling down a bit, HA! Yeah, that won’t happen.

We do what we make the time to do. Consistency is key for me. When I add something new into my schedule I just have to move things around and make the time in my day to do whatever I am adding on. For example, I am on day 70 of working out today, and the first week was easy, the weeks after it gets harder and harder. “Ugh, I want to do something else,” is typically what screams through my head as I prepare myself, but working out is for me to relieve stress and feel better so I make the time for it. Simple luxuries like reading, writing, and blogging, are all things I have to make time for. Work, well that’s 40 scheduled hours a week so it doesn’t matter much if I want to do it or not.

And crazily I always add more onto my schedule. I like being busy though. In my junior year in high school I spent most school nights at school until 10 pm and Saturdays at school for 8 hours working on a documentary for 8 months in addition to regular class work and work. I worked a double shift on Sunday to make up for missing Saturday, and then spent Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at school with Thursday’s and Friday’s at work. Prior to a knee injury my schedule was filled with gymnastics, cheerleading, dancing, basketball, and any sport I could get involved in. I feel odd if my schedule isn’t jam packed with something to do, it has been like that since I was 5.

I want to add more onto this schedule – more time to volunteer, more time to learn something new, more time to do more and to grow more. I think that it is important for a person to keep growing and expanding themselves and for me this is getting involved in something new. I took the time to learn to bake and cook, and then I took time to learn about being healthy and working out, and then I take the time to focus on school to expand my knowledge.

Part of my enjoyment from doing so much is meeting new people, learning, growing, and trying new things. I like to “get outside of myself.” To me, it is important to be exposed to new ideas, and new people with opinions, beliefs, and ideas that differ from mine. I have met so many great people from event planning for a local dog rescue group, or for donating baked goods or selling baked goods, I have met people who share the same interests as me, or who can teach me a thing or two more about crocheting.

There is a lot of world to experience, a lot of things to try and do, so my goal is to try and do as much as I can and fight through the times that I hold myself back. It may make my schedule crazier, and I may not be able to create more time, but I want new experiences and to meet new people from all walks of life. So I just make the time that I already have work.

Until next time,



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