New: Movie Reviews

I will start doing movie reviews this week. It will take me a couple posts to find the right groove of writing a review, but I will get the hang of it. This is a learning process for me, like blogging is.

It is important to know that I am a big movie buff. I go to the theater almost weekly and I happen to own over 500 movies. Okay, I know that is a lot.. I won’t even try to deny it, but I could be spending my money on worse things like drugs, but my addiction is movies (and tv shows, and books). Plus Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Netlix add to the list of movies I have and could watch.

I will watch pretty much anything – romance, rom-com, comedies, horror, sci-fi, action and adventure, children movies, classical, westerns, indie-films, documentaries, or just those really weird movies that no one has ever heard of. Though I am telling you all now, I refuse to watch Fifty Shades of Grey and the other Grey movies when they come out, so I cannot help you there.

There are very few films I have seen that I absolutely do not like or couldn’t make it all the way through. I am usually very good at understanding that each film is a result of a person(s) creativity and I respect that. As a person who has made short films, a documentary, a full length film, and multiple videos here and there I get it. When you make something it is the result of your creativity and I think that is something to be appreciated.

I am excited to actually write the reviews – every time I watch something I have a verbal review for it but now I will get to write it and post it, yay! Plus, this gives me more of a reason to start re-watching some of my movies and some new ones.

So if there is a movie that you are thinking about watching (or buying), but aren’t quite sure if you should, let me know. Or maybe you are worried about kid-friendliness and anything such as language, nudity, sex, etc. If I have it I will re-watch it, if I don’t I will find it and watch it, and if it is in theaters I still might go watch it!


4 thoughts on “New: Movie Reviews

    • Thanks, you too! I gave you a follow as well. I love your cookie system and agree that the 1-10 scale doesn’t always work!

      My friends all swooned over that movie, why I don’t know, but whatever, not my cup of tea.

      As far as Civil War, I am a huge fan of Marvel Movies and think that the actors were cast brilliantly for the new additions to the Marvel Universe. In short, I liked the movie, it is not my favorite Marvel/Superhero movie but I did enjoy it. Though I feel like they could have worked more on building the villian. It felt rushed in some ways and I feel like a few small details got overlooked. I will get around to posting my review tonight since I saw two movies in theater last week I need to get that written and posted.

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