Money Monster (2016)


Okay guys, I have to admit I have been super excited to see this movie! I have been disappointed in a lot of Clooney movies over the years, but this has Julia Roberts (plus) and was directed by Jodie Foster (definite plus).

What’s it About?

Lee Gates, a Finance TV Host of a show called Money Monster, gives his viewers tips on stock. After suggesting one stock was “safer than a savings account” many  of his viewers invest into IBIS Global. However, after one night, and what IBIS claims to be a “glitch,” 800 million dollars is gone, *poof* just like that. Kyle, a guy who invested everything he had ($60,000) in this stock, wants answers and takes Lee hostage to get those answers. The money monster crew and Patty, the director, helps talk Lee through this as he wears a bomb vest and tries to not get shot by Kyle who is flailing a gun around. Trying to follow his demands while broadcasting the whole thing live, it is a race to find answers and keep everyone alive.

Who is in it?

George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Jack O’Connell, Caitriona Balfe, Dominic West, and again it is directed by Jodie foster.

Should You Watch It?

Yes. Yes you should. Will you like it, I don’t know. I for one actually loved this movie. Here are my thoughts:

I thought it was very intense, and at times it was even comedic. I wouldn’t go as far to call this a comedy, but I (and the rest of the audience in my theater) did find ourselves laughing at times. Plus if you wanna see Clooney doing some WEIRD (yet hilarious) dancing, then you should definitely give it a shot.

The acting was very good. Each actor did a good job of staying in the moment and to me that really conveyed to the audience.

Though it is a pretty typical hostage/action/thriller, there are some unexpected twists and turns. “No one asks questions when they are making money, just when they lose it.”

The camera angles are confined to the control room and to the studio room cameras. For a big part of the film we are watching as if we were watching the show. It isn’t until we get closer to the end and Kyle and Lee leave the building that we are exposed to a wider range of camera angles.

Kyle’s pregnant girlfriend cusses him out and calls him a loser for the whole world to see until the police shut off the feed. I mean she really lays into the guy, but he did lose all of there money and strapped a bomb to Lee Gates so I guess that would make me mad too.

Overall Thoughts

I would give this a 8/10. There was room for improvement and I wish that it created an unpredictable ending, and that it was a not-so-typical hostage thriller movie but I still found it to be refreshing to watch. It reminded me of John Q in some ways, which is fine because I root for the guys who are trying and doing there best but get screwed over by people “higher than them.”



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