Last Week of Freedom

This is my last week of freedom. Freedom from school to be more specific! And along with that comes freedom from assignments, forced reading, mandatory nights that I have to show up to class. I have had a total of 5 weeks off of school and I have enjoyed what I have been able to do when I am not in class. Such as reading, writing, and enjoying less stressful days. I went back to work last week but my schedule will soon be:

Monday-Friday: Work from 8-5

Monday: Class from 7-10

Tuesday: Class from 5:40-6:55

Thursday: Class from 5:40-6:55

Friday: Errand night – grocery shopping, and any errands that need to be done

This doesn’t include church events and Sundays, as well as an abundance of homework. Not to mention I want to fit in a discipleship group somewhere in the midst of that schedule. But I only have 4 semesters left til I graduate so *YAY*

If you are wondering what classes I am taking, I am taking Biology and Biology lab (I put science off until the last minute, I am not a science person), Public Messages, Dark Side of Communications (I am super excited for this one), and my senior seminar.

I am spending this week, my last week of freedom, doing a church-wide fast. My first fast ever and I am on day 2 out of 5 and so far so good. Not only am I doing a fast from food, I am also doing a fast from social media and spending the week listening to only Christian music and I am watching The Bible series just to have a week filled with Jesus. I do this to not only spend the week in prayer for my church, pastor, Every Nation, but I also do this for some Spiritual renewal. After the hectic-ness of last year I am enjoying this time to just breathe and be surrounded by God’s peace and presence so that I can get my mind clear and ready for what’s to come this year.

So this goes out to my last week of a school-free life because I won’t have another break until December. College is great and all, but I have to admit I am so TIRED of school. School for 13 years, then higher education for 4 years, and that does not include time to get Masters/Doctors/etc. I plan to get my masters but I am taking a year off before I do that. I also don’t plan on going further than my masters but plans change so we will see. So to all of those college kids out there, I wish you the best on the semester(s) to come, and if you are near to graduation just keep pushing through.

Until next time,



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