How Valentines Day Humbled Me

First and foremost I am happy to announce I have internet again after a month(ish) without. So a big yay for that and a big yay for college campuses and Starbucks, I appreciate the use of your wifi.

Anyways, back to my post for today.

So it has been a few days since Valentines Day. I hate Valentines Day, it has never been a celebration worthy holiday for me. Even when I have been in relationships I did not celebrate Valentines. Just not my thing.

My mom told me the Friday before that she was going to bake brownies for her team she sees on Tuesdays. I gave her a hard time because the only reason she was doing this for them was because of some holiday. I am not all for the “I am buying you something because that is what we do this holiday” and yes, I do complain about the gift giving at Christmas time as well it should not be so commercialized but that is a different post for a different time. I am all for showing love and doing small acts of kindness for others, but it should be done throughout the whole year and not just on holidays.

I have a tendency to be stubborn though. I will NEVER buy people something because of Valentines Day. That is what I always thought and always argued for.

Then Valentines Day comes along.

All morning I had an urge to treat my mom and step-dad to lunch. After wrestling with it, I finally gave in and took them to their place of choice for lunch. “Happy Valentines Day,” I said with slight sarcasm in my voice (okay, maybe a lot of sarcasm).

That is it, I have done my good deed for today.  I ‘celebrated’ and now I am done.

Then the afternoon of Valentines Day comes along.

I spent all afternoon with the thought in my head to buy two of my classmates, a friend, and my brother some candy. NO! I did not want to do that, I was tired of it being Valentines Day. I was wrong again. The urge would not be shaken off and forgotten. So I leave work early, stop by the store (which I despised), and picked up some bags of candy to give to 4 people. That number quickly went from 1 to 4. I go home, pack up my stuff for class, along with the candy and head off to class. I pass out the candy and a friend I gave some to said that it, “made her day.” That was a nice thing to hear and apparently I got her her favorite candy.

So… I say this to remind people how important it is to do little things for people. I might have just bought lunch, or candy, because it was a holiday, but I also bought it because God kept telling me to just let go and do it. I thought of them because they are a part of my life and I wanted to do something nice for them. It did not matter that it was February 14th, it mattered that I thought about those people and did something to brighten their days.

I find it easy to get caught up in my stubborn ways. To decide I will do things my way and stick with that. But, I also was reminded that my way needs to be changed to God’s way, to the way that is about love and compassion for others. I have spent every Valentines day concerned with MY defiance against the holiday instead of thinking about how my small act of kindness could brighten the day for SOMEONE else.

So though I spend the day begrudgingly doing these things, the next day I realized just how humbling it was. I realized how everyday, including the holidays, is a day to take advantage of doing something for someone else.

So to all of you, especially to those Valentine Day haters out there, whatever reason you have not to do something for someone else, set your pride, stubbornness, or anything else to the side and just go out and make a difference for someone else. It does not matter how small or big what you do is, it matters that you show people you care for them and are thinking of them.

Until next time,



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