Defining Luxury

I am spoiled. It is that simple. I love my hot showers, I eat out at least 2 times a week, I typically have pretty new technology, I have a nice car, and a small shopping addiction. I am also a picky eater, even when I try something new I stay pretty safe and the most daring thing I have probably ever tried was scallops (and I did not like them). I like luxury and I like being comfortable, who doesn’t? I know I have been called to the missions field around the world where these luxurious things are not always available to me.

Awesome! I want my definition of luxury to change. 

People always mention to me when I speak of being a missionary, or doing missions work, about how I will have to eat food I might not like. Or how I might not have access to AC/heaters, or the showers might be cold. That my easy transportation methods now will not be at my immediate disposal. That my hands will be dirty, and my work will be intense. That I might be in a dangerous area not protected by the “freedom” that my country offers me.

That’s great. I want my definition of luxury to change.

Sometimes I pause and look at all of the things around me. My books that no longer fit on my bookshelf so I creatively reorganize them. My DVD’s that I must own at least 100 of. The video games and game systems I have that I maybe play once a month. Maybe. The ease of binge watching Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime because I have all 3. At the same time, sometimes when I pause and look at all of these things – the things that honestly consume a good amount of my time when I am home – I find nothing. They do not hold my faith, my hope, my value.

But, I want my definition of luxury to change.

I have not spent much time, okay any time, outside of the United States. I have never been overseas and I have only been in a plane for one round trip. I get a lot of questions of, “How do you know you will like it if you have never done it.” Well… because I know God is calling me to do work overseas and anything my Heavenly Father calls me to do is going to be something amazing, of course I am going to love it. Besides, I have a fiery passion to go overseas. It is a terrifying want – I would by lying if I said the thought of doing missions work and living overseas did not terrify me. But something that scares you is not always a bad thing.

I want my definition of luxury to change because,

I am tired of being comfortable.

I am tired of not being exposed to all the cultures, people, and languages that go from one end of the earth to the other.

I am tired of holding back.

I am tired of routine.

God did not call us to be comfortable. He called us to do some crazy things – like make disciples and love our enemies. He called us to heal people through Him, He called us spread the Good News. The image of this does not look like binge watching the latest Netflix original.

And for some people the image of this does not look like going overseas and that is great for you! Some people are called to stay in their home country, some are called to stay in their small towns. That is great!

But some of us are called to do work overseas – in a new country, with a different set of customs. A country with a different view of luxury. And that is also great! I say go out and chase what God is calling you to do. Too many times have I ignored His plans for me because I was scared and/or uncomfortable. He has something amazing for you!

Until next time,



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