Writing is Not that Hard…. Right?


Long time no write. I spent my entire summer (14 weeks to be exact) in the beautiful state of Minnesota, working with a non-profit organization. It was my DREAM job!! Ideally I will get to do something like that after I graduate. Or maybe not. Who knows.

Either way, I have no idea how my fellow blogging friend I met up there could manage to keep up with her blog. For me, the 12-14 hour work days were enough to occupy my time, and if we are being honest, by the time I was done I wanted to lay down and sleep, not write a blog post.

It would have taken so much effort. So much time. So much energy.

But I am home now, back to regular life, though I am not sure what that means at this point. I have said this a million times before and I will say it again: I will be more consistent with my blogging! I need to find the time to do this. Maybe I will come up with a schedule of what days I want blog posts to go up and how many posts I want to go up during the week.

One thing I do know, I will be sharing and discussing my experience over the summer and the things to come for me as I lead closer to graduation next year. Guys, I will be a first generation COLLEGE GRADUATION! So stinking cool! So this next year will be my time to really explore who I am and what on earth I am going to do with my life.

Please bear with me, I appreciate all of my readers patience throughout this odd and inconsistent time in my life.

Until next time,




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