Coffee Talk (EP2) – Goodbye Social Media

CoffeeTalks.pngGuys I did a thing. It was a spur of the moment, made this decision during the early evening of December 31st.

2 days into it and it was ROUGH.

So I would not call this a resolution, but a challenge, and I love to accept a good challenge

Image result for barney challenge accepted

I may not be as bad as Barney from How I Met Your Mother but I love to do something when someone does not believe in my or think I can do it. This is not exactly one of those times because the doubt comes from me, and the challenge is from me. What a battle right?

I have given up social media for the month of January. LIKE COMPLETELY! No Facebook, no Twitter, no Snapchat, and no Instagram. January 1st was rough, really rough. To help myself, I took the apps off of my phone and I spent a good chunk of the time I was on my phone instinctively clicking on the now bare Facebook spot. Obviously nothing opened and I am so glad I took the shortcut off. I would have failed instantly.

Along with this I cannot download new games on my phone or anything else to fill up my now new *spare time.*

BUT, here is was happened on January 1st:

  • My Aunt commented on my end of 2017 going into 2018 post on Facebook. I got on to read her comment but I ONLY read her comment and then I got off. I was happy I did not start scrolling through the feed.
  • I received notifications all day on the accounts: this person liked this, this person tweeted, you have memories to look back on today. It is second nature to click them, but instead I have swiped and ignored – man that is hard.
  • I realized I have no easy access to news, or weather alerts during our current freeze, so I downloaded the apps for my two local news stations so I can know road closures and news (I think I rely on Facebook to much to find this info).
  • When I wake up and before I go to sleep I always scroll through Facebook and Instagram to have a time where I can get my mind unfocused from the stresses, worries, or tasks of the day or the days to come. I cannot do this without access to these apps so I downloaded Wordscapes to give me this time to detach from what my brain is thinking, anxious, or stressing about. The insomniac in me needs this.

On the first day I felt frustrated at each time I clicked where my Facebook app was.

One the second day I thought “Really!?” Slight frustration but more irritated

On the third day I kind of laughed at my unsuccessful attempts to open the apps since they are not there.

In lieu of honesty, it has been tough. I fasted for 5 days last year and also gave up social media during this time and I don’t remember it being so hard. Though when I did it then, I could check notifications and get on to “Look back on past memories” but not this time. Not to mention when I get bored at work it is easy to scroll through the feed with my free time.

I’ve felt pangs of frustration as I have clicked that spot or thought about getting on before realizing my challenge. I sigh (or grunt) in defeat, put the phone down, and life goes on. The frustration though, the moment when I realize I CAN’T get on, is the reason I am doing this, the reason I need to do this.

Now, 21 days in, I do not feel like there is any difference. I have not tried to open any of the apps the last few days, despite their constant notifications. Facebook likes to email me when someone posts, comments, or shares something. Life without social media is actually kind of nice! I have filled this time with so many other – more productive – things. So I am beyond happy I did this, and I have noticed the change it has made in my day-to-day life.

Living in the virtual world is easy in today’s society. It becomes easy to envy friends that are doing great, to envy the “perfect Christian friends” or the “perfect celebrity with the perfect family,” to envy the person who seems to have it all together, or hide behind the digital walls and be a new and improved us.

It is easy to hide my scars. To put on a face of perfection and create an image, a false image. I need this to change in my life. I need to be the raw, honest me. I need to be the beautiful, unique me God has destined for me to be. I need to be the me living in the real world, not the virtual one.

Social media is such a big part of society today, especially those within my generation. Even with the few days I have had during this, I am amazed by the free time I have. I knew I spent more time than I should on social media, but WOW! It is such a comfort thing, it is something I have hid behind, but no more! I am excited to see how I feel when February 1st rolls around.

So I bid adieu to virtual living.

Until next time,



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